Rapscallions S1E05: The Rat, The Witch, & The Warlock

In this episode, we follow our hooligan heroes as their pest-control plan takes shape. We see the events that brought Mr. Stitch to Bailymena, glimpse into the past of the enigmatic Arabet, and meet with Thrasher to discuss the progress of the project.


  • Narri Hullu and all of his other personae are played by Eric Martin.
  • Zivah Hullu is played by Sharene, the Mad Fishmonger. Check out her site at: http://linktr.ee/madfishmonger
  • Arabet is played by Christopher Stocovaz.
  • Mr. Stitch is played by Mighty Fenris.
  • Magma is played by Shauna Mulligan
  • Khaludur is played by Sean Yo.

Musical Credits

All music used in Runelanders is used under creative commons licencing, under license through SOCAN, or in the public domain.

In this episode, we used clips from:
“Dinner With the Devil” by Big Rude Jake.
“Boys From The County Hell” and “Dirty Old Town” by the Pogues.
“Kitty” by the Presidents of the United States of America, and

Our opening theme is from “Steam Powered (Instrumental)” by Professor Elemental & Tom Caruana, and our closer is the Nutley Brass’s cover of “Some Kinda Hate” by the Misfits!

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