Rapscallions S1E04: Hullu-cidation

They’re creepy, kooky, flamboyant and spooky. I don’t think ‘ooky’ is an actual word, but they’re the Hullu family. We explore Bailymena first through the lens of Narri & Zivah’s origins in the seedier quarters of the city, then return to the present as the Rapscallions hatch a clever plan and discover the depth of Bailymena’s wererat infestation.


  • Narri Hullu and all of his other personae are played by Eric Martin.
  • Zivah Hullu is played by Sharene, the Mad Fishmonger. Check out her site at: http://linktr.ee/madfishmonger
  • Arabet is played by Christopher Stocovaz.
  • Mr. Stitch is played by Mighty Fenris.
  • Magma is played by Shauna Mulligan
  • Khaludur is played by Sean Yo.


All music used in Runelanders is used under creative commons licencing, under license through SOCAN, or in the public domain.

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